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11-12-2021 – 6.30 PM Birthday of Syeda Zaynab A.S. English by Sheikh Mohsen Nasser – Urdu by Sheikh Idrees-ul-Hassan

Salaam Alaykum Dear ,

This year has been a challenge for all of us, Alhamdulliah by the blessing of Allah we have managed to get through many challenges, unfortunately though we have lost loved ones around the world and could not be with them, we see communities in Afghanistan, Yemen, Lebanon and so many places struggling through very difficult situations. This Saturday we can all meet together at Imam Hasan Centre (MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED)

This Saturday as we celebrate the birthday of Syeda Zaynab AS, the one who brought down tyrants, we dedicate the program to all those suffering around the world, as no one suffered more than Syeda Zaynab AS.



Saturday 11th December – 6.30 PM Birthday celebration of Syeda Zaynab AS
English presentation by – Sheikh Mohsen Nasser 
Urdu presentation by – Sheikh Idrees-ul-Hassan
Events Calendar


Islamic Date (DAY) Program Date


 5th Jammadi’ul Awwal Saturday 11th December Birthday of Bibi Zaynab A.S. 6.30PM
13th Jammadi’ul Awwal Saturday 18th December Martyrdom of Bibi Fatima Zahra A.S. 7.00 PM
3rd Jamaadi’ul Thaani Thursday 6th January Martyrdom of Bibi Fatima Zahra A.S.
Separate ladies’ majlis (H1) Men majlis (Main hall)
*There are 2 dates as possible dates of Martyrdom
8.33 PM
13th Jamaadi’ul Thaani Friday 14th January Wafat of Ummul-Baneen AS Juma Prayers
20th Jamaadi’ul Thaani Saturday 22nd January Birthday of Bibi Fatima Zahra A.S. 7.00 PM
1st Rajab Saturday 30th January Birthday – Imam Muhammad al Baqir A.S.

Imam Hasan A.S. Dastarkhan- Ladies’ program

7.00 PM
3rd Rajab Saturday 5th February Martyrdom of Imam Ali –un- Naqi A.S. 7.00 PM
10th Rajab

13th Rajab

Saturday 12th February Birthday of 9th Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S.
Birthday of 1st Imam Ali A.S.
8.12 PM
15th Rajab   Thursday 17th February Martyrdom of Bibi Zaynab A.S. 8.06PM
25th Rajab

26th  Rajab

Saturday 26th February Martyrdom of 7th Imam Musa Kazim A.S.
Martyrdom of Hazrat Abu Talib A.S.
27th Rajab Information only Eid ul Mab’ath – Day of Be’sat – short Aamal – recite Dua Kumayl  
3rd Sha’baan

4th Sha’baan

5th Sha’baan

Saturday 12th March Birth of 3rd Imam Husayn A.S.
Birth of Hazrat Abbas A.S.
Birth of 4th Imam Zain-ul-Abedin A.S.
7.37 PM
15th (night) Sha’baan Sunday 18th March (night) Shabe-Barat AAMAL Night (ARIZA)
Night  of Birthday of 12th Imam Mahdi A.S.
15th (day) Sha’baan Saturday 19th March Birthday of 12th Imam Muhammad Al Mahdi A.S. 7.29 PM
  Saturday 26th March Dastarkhan – 12th Imam A.S.- Ladies’ program 7.18 PM
 1st (day) Ramadhan Sunday 3rd April Ramadhan Timetable will be forwarded later.
Due to low Moon Altitude – sighting may not be possible
1st Shawwal Tuesday 3rd May EID-ul-Fitr – Salaat – (check for confirmation)
(subject to moon sighting)
7.30 AM

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