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This week at IHC 01/01/2020 – Birthday of Lady Zaynab AS – Wadi-us-Salaam وادي السلام‎, ‘Valley of Peace’ OR Behesht-e Zahra بهشت زهرا‎,The Paradise of Zahra – Sheikh Azhar Nasser

Salaam Alaykum Dear , Imam Hasan Centre would like to congratulate you and your families on the Birthday of Syedna Zaynab AS, the daughter of Imam Ali AS and Syedna Fatima Zahra AS. Happy New Year 2020 to you and your families, may Allah bless you with a wonderful year. …

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Highlights of the Project Lebanon Fundraiser – 14-12-2019

Salaam Alaykum, What an amazing evening, the Lebanese community should be very proud of their achievement raisng $750,00. Below is a short video Highlights reel compiled by Br. Mohammed Chith. Congratulations to all. Br Mohammed Chith is editing and prodcing the video for the evening and this is the first …

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27 -28 October 2019 – Wafat of Prophet Muhammad SAW – Martrydom of Imam Hasan AS and Imam Reza AS – Guest speakers – English – Sheikh Mohmmed Mehdi – Urdu – Maulana Mirza Zaheen Njaafi – Maulana Kumail Mehdavi

Salaam Alaykum On Sunday 27th October at 8.00 PM (Maghrib Prayres) we will be commemorating the passing of our Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW and Imam Hasan AS. English Majlis – Sheikh Mohammed Mehdi – Urdu Majlis – Maulana Mirza Zaheen Najaafi On Monday 28th October (Maghrib Prayres) we will be …

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‘Arbaeen’ – Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October – ‘Arbaeen’ – “Building A Hussaini Family” – Sheikh Nami & LAdies program by – Zakira Iram Naqvi

Salaam Alaykum  ‘ARBAEEN’ – Staurday 19th & Sunday 20th Programs On Saturday 19th October 7.30 PM  and Sunday 20th October at 3.00 PM (aftrenoon) we weill be commemorating the event of ‘ARBAEEN’ Sheikh Nami will be presenting – “Building A Hussaini Family” Saturday: The Sacred Responsibility of Mothers Sunday: The Sacred Responsibility …

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This week at IHC 28/9/2019 – Hazrat Abbas AS – Birth to Karbala – Maulana Kumail Mehdavi ( Sat & Sun) – Ladies Program Syeda Zehra Zaidi – Bibi Sakina AS (Sat)

Salaam Alaykum, Maulana Kumail Mehdavi has kindly agreed to present 2 lectures on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th September – Hazrat Abbas AS – Birth to Karbala Syeda Zehra Zaidi will be presenting on Saturday 28th September – Bibi Sakina AS – ladies program. Saturday program will commence at 7.30 …

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