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Ramadhan Update – Updated Calendar of Events

Salaam Alaykum, Dear Brothers and Sisters,
In our annual calendar we wrote that this night moon sighting will be very difficult, and it has been. We have always been able to resolve any issues even with clouds in the past with the astronomical calculations which Ayatullah Sistani allows, however tonight the calculations and ruling are not coming together.
We do not take these decisions lightly and always seek precaution first.
Therefore, after long discussions with overseas and local scholars the decision for Imam Hasan Centre is as follows
#Followers of Ayatullah Sistani SUNDAY ‘Yawmu-Shak’
For the followers of Ayatullah Sistani: tomorrow Sunday 3 April 2022 will be ‘Yawmu-Shak’ (the day of doubt) in NSW, as no confirmed sighting with naked eyes was reported to us anywhere in our horizon as required by Ayatullah Sistani.
Therefore, the followers of Ayatullah Sistani are ‘recommended’ to fast tomorrow (Sun) with the intention of ‘day of doubt’. that means whether in reality tomorrow is or is not the first day they are safe. However, even if they wish to start the fasting from MONDAY it is fine, can consider MONDAY as the 1st day of Ramadhan.
Melbourne – Tasmania – EAST COAST
Can follow as above for NSW.
#Followers of Ayatullah Khamenei – SUNDAY 1st DAY OF RAMADHAN
For the followers of Ayatullah Khamenei: tomorrow Sunday 3 April 2022will be the 1st day of the month of Ramadhan in NSW. Because we have confirmation from trustworthy brothers who have sighted the moon in Sydney with binoculars.
We thank our momineen for the sighting in Darwin, however under the ruling of Ayatullah Sistani, NSW does not share a horizon with Darwin, in the past we have been able to refer to Darwin only as a cross check as the data in Brisbane was sufficient. Tonight it is not sufficient.
An updated timetable will be forwarded tomorrow.
Ramadhan Mubarak, may Allah bless you all
Download updated Events Calendar – CLICK HERE

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