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This week at IHC 30-03-2017 – 1st Thursday of Rajab – Amaal of Laylatul Raghaib / Birthday of Imam Muhammad Al Baqir A.S. – Happy 50th Br. Baqir Raza

Salaam Alaykum


On Thursday 30th March, there will be Amaal of Laylatul Raghaib for the first Thursday of Rajab. It is highly recommended to fast on this day, and recite special a’maal after Maghrib.

Aamal will start after Maghribain prayers, around 7.30pm.

The a’maal can be found at this link:


There will also be a short lecture to celebrate the birthday of Imam Muhammad Al Baqir A.S.

Community News

IHC would like to congratulate Br Baqir Raza who turns 50th on Friday 31st March. As you all know Baqir is truly a dedicated worker in the community, may Allah grant him a long and happy life. Happy 50th Birthday Br. Baqir Raza


Upcoming events

On Saturday 1st April, there will be majlis to commemorate the shahadat of Imam Ali-un-Naqi A.S. Majlis will begin at 7.30pm.

On Saturday 8th April, we will be celebrating the birthdays of Imam Ali A.S. and our 9th Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S.

There will be a presentation from IHS students after Maghribain prayers, followed by milad and majlis. Niyaaz will be served.




Thursday 30th March Birthday – Imam Muhammad al Baqir A.S.-Dua Kumayl

Aamal Laylatul Raghaib – 1st Thursday of Rajab

Saturday 1st April Martyrdom of Imam Ali –un- Naqi A.S. 7.30PM



Imam Hasan School News

Last day of Term 1 will be Saturday 8th April.

Please note this term’s timings are 5pm till after Maghrib prayers.

Children can leave after they have recited Maghrib prayers.

Please make sure children bring their bags with pencil case and Quran books from last year (for revision)

Please make sure children are dressed in long loose clothing for classes and prayers.

Parents of children from Classes 1-4 will be asked to assist with duties from time to time by their teachers. Please work with the teachers and support and assist them to ensure the classes run smoothly. Thank you in advance!

Up to date information on IHS in 2017 will be posted on our Facebook page. Please join our private group on Facebook Imam Hasan Centre as this group is meant for Imam Hasan School families to keep in touch with events at IHS and the Centre.



Extra Quran Classes for IHS students

Imam Hasan Centre is offering Thursday evening Qur’an classes for new and existing IHS students who wish to improve their recitation. Thursday Qur’an classes intend to supplement the madrasah learning.


Classes will be taught by Sheikh Dr. Imranali Panjwani and Sister Amina Alimohamed.

For those interested, please contact Sheikh by email at Imranali.Panjwani@imamhasancentre.com.au or on mobile 0407 840 968.


Weekly Programs

Dua Kumayl                 Thursday 7.30pm

Salat-e-Juma               Zohr Time

Madrassah                  Saturday 5.00pm – 7.30pm

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